Frequently Asked Questions



How much is a session and what is included?

All session prices are on the 'Buy Now' section of the website. All sessions include a print credit, most include £100 which will go towards prints and collections at your viewing session. Please read your preferred session on the 'Buy Now' section to see what is included. Session prices do not include any digital or printed images, these are purchased in addition to your session fee (except style sessions and headshots which include 1 digital image). Be prepared to spend between £500-£2000 on your finished images after your session. A full price list of available products can be emailed over to you on request. Collection prices start from £395.


Does the session include the photos? 

The session fee does not include any images. Images are purchased in addition to your session fee. All session fees (except Style sessions and Headshots) include £100 credit which will go towards your images. Please read the description on the session before purchase to check what is included.


When is the best time to have my newborn photographed?

Ideally it’s nice to schedule your newborn session within the first 3 weeks after a full term due date. We like to schedule a date before baby is born and see how you feel. However we can do styled newborns upto 12 weeks, it really depends on baby, our sessions are always totally baby led, so not all poses are guaranteed regardless of how many weeks baby is. Often more weeks means a slightly longer session and we are less likely to achieve deep sleep images, but it’s not impossible, either way we will produce beautiful images. Babies will always do what they want to do and we have years of experience and training in settling and posing babies, Louisa our head photographer has been photographing babies professionally for over 10 years and in that time she has never had to reschedule a session because she couldn’t settle a baby, we are well known for our patience and usually that’s all that’s needed. 


When should I have my maternity session? 

Ideally around 30-36 weeks it really depends on how you feel. 


What if I need to reschedule or cancel my shoot?

We require at least 48 hours notice if a session needs to be changed. Session fees are non refundable. If your child is ill/sick the night before or morning of your session please contact the studio ASAP and we will move your session the best we can. We work with newborns so It’s very important that you don’t bring any potentially infectious nasties into the studio. 


What if my baby is born late or early and I need to change my date?

We usually schedule your newborn session around 10 days after your due date, if baby hasn’t made an entrance and you are over 3 days late just call the studio and we will move your date. If your baby arrives early we usually stick with your date unless we have something earlier, just let us know when baby has arrived. If we haven’t spoken in a while, we will call or email you to confirm your appointment approximately 1 week before you session and give you the option of moving your date if we are able too.


What do I need to bring to my shoot?

We have an abundance of props and outfits at the studio including and wide selection of maternity/mummy dresses. We also have outfits for girls and boys aged 0-4 years. For family photos just keep outfits classic and simple, avoid patterns and bright clashing colours, unless that’s the look you are going for. We provide all the outfits, props and decorations for all our newborn, cakesmash and style sessions. If you have personal items you would like included in your session please bring them along, but let us know first so we can select appropriate backgrounds. 


Who can come to my session and be photographed?

This depends on your session, mini sessions and style sessions are designed for 1 child or adult but all other sessions can accommodate other family members and even pets, just let us know in advance who you intend to bring along and we can advise the best session for you.


What if I don’t like the photographs you have taken, can I have a refund/ re-shoot?

Honestly this has never happened, you will love them, but if you have a very specific look/style you would like your images to have just let us know so we can make sure we create the look you are going for. We don’t offer refunds or free re-shoots on sessions. It’s your responsibility to make sure you schedule your shoot at a time that is best for a successful session for example avoid bringing a tired hungry toddler to the studio so don’t book a session at nap or lunch time. Plan your outfits, make sure everyone is ready, hair brushed, makeup done, nails clean and tidy etc.


What if my child doesn’t sit still or has a tantrum and we don’t get any nice shots? 

We have years of experience with children of all ages and have lots of patience. As long as your child is in good health and well rested (avoid nap times for your shoot) and is well fed (so avoid lunch time) we should be good to go. Over stimulation is often the cause of a little one freaking out, so avoid tying to make them smile, that’s our job, just sit back and relax and let us get on with it, avoid singing and clapping and jumping up and down, if we need you we will let you know. Also avoid promising treats for good behaviour, this is a fun and enjoyable experience if you start offering rewards they are instantly going to be cautious of the situation and not want to get involved. 


Can I have all the un edited digital files from my shoot?

We don’t offer this as an option, all our ordered images go through an editing and finishing process, we pride ourselves on our exceptional image quality and cannot allow unfinished images to leave our studio, under any circumstances.


Do you do home sessions?

We don’t usually offer home sessions however it can be arranged at an extra cost. This will depend on your location. We highly recommend coming to the studio we have everything needed for a successful session. We have many clients that travel from all over the country to visit our studio and some are even from overseas. If you are coming from quite a distance we are close to Heathrow and there are many hotels nearby. 


How many different setups/outfit changes images can I have at my session?

This will depend on the session you have selected and the cooperation of the participants. At a newborn session we aim to create 5 completely different setups with a few different poses within each setup. For older babies and children we tend to do 3 setups, this depends on our time and their cooperation. Maternity we usually do 4-5 setups. After Most sessions you will be viewing around 30-50 images to select your order from. 


How much is it if I just want digitals?

Digital images are in no way a lesser product than printed products, and are not necessarily the cheapest option. Our digital images start from £395 for a 5 image collection with extra images priced at £45 each. Style sessions and headshots include one digital image within the session package, with extra images priced at £79 each. All purchased digitals are presented on a custom Art by LAW usb drive and are fully finished in both colour and black and white. We offer a discount on 20 images at £950 and 30 images at £1350. With a purchase of any Digital collection we offer 20 percent off on all our wall products.


Do you have any offers on at the moment?

On occasion we run promotions on selected sessions, This is done only 3 times a year, if you purchase a package at our exhibition stand at either the baby show Olympia or Excel. Or around Christmas time we often run a promotion on our family gift vouchers, all promotions are subject to terms and conditions and will not be extended after they have ended. 


Do you offer discounts? 

Our prices are very carefully set and are not up for negotiation.  


What days and times do sessions take place?

The studio is open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-5pm, we are closed Sundays and Mondays. Most week days we have a 10.30 early appointment for a 1 hour session a 12pm appointment for newborns or premium session up to 4 hours and then a late appointment at 4pm for a 1 hour session. Because newborn sessions have a much longer session time we don’t offer them on Saturdays. Saturday is usually set aside for cakes smash, family, sitters and image viewing sessions.


Do you shoot newborn sessions at the weekend?

Saturday is usually our busiest day of the week, and set aside for our shorter sessions, because of this we don’t usually offer Saturday appointments for newborn sessions. However on occasion we can make exceptions (very limited availability). If you require a Saturday for your session and we have the availability there will be an additional fee of £100 added to your newborn session, this fee cannot be transferred to another Saturday or refunded if the appointment needs to be moved. 


What is your availability? how soon in advance do I need to book my newborn session? 

We only shoot one newborn a day, and often we will require a back up date in case your baby is born overdue, because of this it is best to book as far in advance as possible, we suggest getting in touch at around 28-32 weeks pregnant. This will insure that you can have the best possible dates available around your due date. 

If you are past 32 weeks or baby has already been born please get in touch, we may still have some dates available, we often have last minute appointments when our scheduled newborns are overdue. 


How many photos will you take? 

This depends on a few factors, we always aim to achieve as much diversity and variety as we can within your session. The number of images captured is not limited and will fundamentally depend on the setups we are creating and the time it takes to achieve them. Also a big factor is the willingness of the participants in the session.


How much is it? 

That depends on the session you go for and how you would like your finished images to be presented. Single small prints start from £65, collections of images start from £395. Most clients spend between £500-£2000 on their finished portraits. 


What experience do you have? 

Our head photographer Louisa has been a fully qualified photographer since 2001. Completing a degree with honours in photography as well as continuing education in newborn photography she is also fully trained in newborn safety and paediatric first aid. Art by LAW studio opened in a commercial space in Hercies road 9 years ago, and we specialise in Newborn and child photography. We have won many awards for our beautiful work.


Do you have costumes/outfits? 

Yes we have an extensive wardrobe of beautiful outfits many of which are couture, we have ladies gowns to fit all sizes in a variety of styles and colours, we also have boys and girls outfits from 0-4 years. We have older girl outfits up to 11 years, we don’t however provide older boys and men’s outfits. 


For cake smash do you provide the cake? 

Yes we provide the cake, unless your child suffers from any allergies then we kindly ask you to provide the cake, or we can use one of our fake cakes. 


What’s the difference between a style session and other sessions? 

Style sessions are done on set weekends throughout the year and are mini sessions 30mins. Each style session has a specific theme, see our ‘Style Session’ page to check out our themes for this year. Style sessions are not suitable for newborns. 


Will you use my images for advertising and online? 

With permission from you we would love to use your images on our website and our social media posts, however if you would prefer we didn’t used your images just let us know and we won’t use them. 


What if I’m late for my session? 

If you are late the time will be taken out of your allocated studio time. 


When will I view my images to order? 

We are now offering same day viewings, your images will be ready approximately 30mins after your session for you to view and order your favourites. We don’t offer online viewing, image viewing and ordering is done at the studio.


When will my order be ready?

When an order is placed it usually takes between 4-6 weeks to complete, this will depend on the products you have ordered and how quickly you can approve your final proofs. 


Can I pick exactly what setups I would like? 

When you have booked with us we will send you over a prep questionnaire where you can add your favourite images from our website, then we can get a feel for the type of images you would like. All our sets are build bespoke so they are never exactly the same, but we will do our best to create your dream session. Some setups take longer to achieve then others so depending on your selection we may not be able to create them all in one sitting. We will advise you what is possible and how to make the most of your session. 


How do I book? 

First contact us to check our availability around your dates, if we have availability you can go ahead and purchase your session online. Once you have paid we will be intouch to get you booked in. You will then be sent over your T’s and C’s agreement and your prep questionnaire, you will need to fill this in so we can start planning your amazing session. 


Why are you more expensive then some other photographers? 

Searching for a photographer on cost comparison alone is like comparing the price of cheap costume jewellery to real diamonds or designer shoes with £4 plimsoles, I could go on with many different analogies but I’m sure you get the idea. Our pricing is competitive in line with other photography studios with a similar level of expertise and service. So within that group of high end photography studios we are very good value. Our clients do not book us on price, they book for our beautiful work and experience to deliver stunning images. We are very proud of the work we produce and have developed our unique style over many years. 


Can you pencil me in for a date, and I will pay later? 

We are unable to hold any dates until the session fee is paid in full, you can do this online or over the phone. We get a lot of enquiries and our diary would be impossible to manage if we started holding dates while people make up their minds. 


Why do I have to purchase my session in advance? 

Your session fee also acts as a deposit for your date and must be purchased in advance to secure that date. We will be turning away other potential sessions on your date, which we are not willing to do without a monetary commitment from you.


What products do you offer?

Our USB images are our most popular, but we also create amazing bespoke wall products including acrylics and luxury frames. We also create beautiful albums, we can show you examples of these at your viewing session. 


Can I get the Copyrights to my images?

Copyright is often misunderstood, the copyright is always held with the original creator of the work. What you are really asking for is the right to use/reproduce that work. When purchasing an image on USB from us we are selling you the permission to use that image for your own personal use in a non commercial way. If you wanted to use that image for monetary gain that would be a breach of our copyright. For example if you wanted to use the images for your business our commercial rates would apply and a different written agreement would be needed.