Your Session

Step 1-

Explore our beautiful galleries and have a read through this page. If you are happy with everything please get in touch, let us know what you are looking for, and we will get you booked in. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, but please read through this page beforehand.

Step 2- 

Let’s set a date! All session fees need to be paid in advance, in full when you book. We are unable to hold dates without the session fee being paid in advance. Session fees are listed on our ‘buy now’ section of our website. These can be purchased directly through the website, however if you have a specific date in mind or it’s a newborn session please contact the studio first so we can check our availability.

Step 3-

Once you have paid for your session, we will send you over your prep guide questionnaire and contract. Please read this, fill it in and sign it. You can also attach your favourite images from our website so we can plan your session.

Step 4-

Your amazing shoot takes place!

Step 5-

Due to restrictions because of Covid we are offering your viewing session on the same day. We will book you in to view your photos roughly a week later. This is a good time to start visualising products on the walls at your home. You will receive a product guide to take away with you. 

Step 6- 

Due to restrictions because of Covid we are offering your viewing session on the same day. You will return to the studio 1 week after your shoot for a custom viewing/ordering session. You will see all your beautiful images for the first time, displayed on our large screen. We will help you select your favourite images and go over the different options to fit your style and budget. All orders need to be paid in full on the day of ordering, however if you are ordering one of our digital collections it is possible to select your digital images at your viewing, and then add wall art at a later date.

Step 7-

Your order will be prepared, this usually takes 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer for wall art. You will be given an estimated date of completion on the day of ordering. 

Step 8-

Your order is ready, you can come and collect from the studio or we can arrange to have it delivered to you for an extra fee.

Step 9-

Enjoy your amazing works of art! We would love it if you tag us on Facebook and Instagram once your images are on your walls.We look forward to seeing you again.