Your tiny one is best photographed when they are between 1-4 weeks old, we know it can be difficult to leave the house this soon after having a baby but it really is worth the effort because they change and grow so quickly. Our studio is fully equipped for newborns, it's warm, quiet and we have changing and feeding facilities. We supply all the props for our beautiful photographs and even the occasional nappy. A newborn shoot can last a few hours we like to take our time this ensures that baby is warm, relaxed and happy. At the shoot you can sit back with a cuppa and relax while we pose and calm your baby or if you are feeling up to it you can help out and even have some photos done with baby, it’s up to you. It is advised to bring baby in just before he or she is due a feed, that way you can feed them at the studio and they will be lovely and relaxed for their shoot.